A slimming group has achieved a gold standard.

Wickham Bishops Slimming World group, run by Emma Chapman, have reached an elite standard within Slimming World and are now classed as a ‘gold’ group.

The gold standard was achieved after 100 members or more, continually attended the group, based at Prances Scout Campsite, Great Totham Road, for three months.

120 members attend the group, which is the first midweek morning group in Essex to achieve the standard.

Emma Chapman, 43, of Clayton Way, Maldon said: “It’s not easy for members to attend at this time of year due to holidays, so naturally it all boils down to weight loss.

“If the members weren’t losing weight they wouldn’t come.

“I opened Wickham Bishops in 2012 as an ‘overflow’ group for my evening group in Heybridge, which is also ‘gold’ standard.

“It started from scratch and results and hard work have built it from zero to gold."