An initiative to bring the district’s empty homes back to life has exceeded expectations.

Maldon District Council has turned 99 empty houses into a home to live in so far this year, according to a review of performance report.

The council has already exceeded the year’s target of 75 empty homes, with the last quarter still to go.

The majority of properties returned to use since April last year were only empty for around six to 12 months, although three were empty for more than three years.

Cllr Mark Durham, Vice-Chairman of the Council’s Community Services Committee, said: “We are pleased that the council’s work to reduce the number of empty homes and make best use of the local housing stock has been so effective."

The council’s success was celebrated on TV in November last year.

Channel Four’s Great British Property Scandal programme, hosted by George Clarke, followed the renovation of the home to the successful occupation by a young mother and her child.

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