FURIOUS villagers claim their path could be the worst kept in Essex and say it is a danger to the public.

Pensioner John McAllister said the crack along the path in Church Hill in Ramsey is wide enough to fit your hand in and is getting worse every day.

But despite at least two falls on the path, he has been told it is not dangerous and there is no money to fix it.

“I moved into this cottage over ten years ago and during my time here no repairs have ever been done on the footpath leading up Church Hill.

“This is the main footpath to the church and school for Ramsey residents.

“My partially-sighted wife, Christine, wrenched her wrist coming down the pathway when her shopping trolley caught in the crack a couple of months ago.

“Last year, my neighbour had to take her daughter to Colchester General Hospital when she fell over in the dark and tore ligaments.

“It’s really bad but I don’t think anything will be done until someone breaks their leg.

“People coming along on that pathway are in danger of falling.”

The 68-year-old grandfather said the path is slowly falling into the adjoining paddock.

He added: “The footpath is really horrendous.

“I, Suzanne Howe, who is secretary Ramsey War Memorial Hall, and others have been campaigning to Essex County Council to have the problem rectified.

“My two-year-old and five-year-old grandchildren remark on the appalling pathway when they come to visit.

“I tell them that the naughty council officials do not care if granny and granddad fall over and injure themselves.

“The path is on the hill and it’s slipping into the paddock, it needs really serious remedial work to it.”

Mr McAllister said there is a path on the opposite side of the road says it is too busy to cross safely at times, especially for people with children.

An Essex Highways spokesperson said: “All reported defects are inspected using a risk-based approach, which takes into account many factors including footfall in the area.

“This allows us to prioritise our resources on those areas that present the greatest risk to road users.”