A council boss has sought to assure residents action will be taken over a capsized houseboat more than six months after it tipped over.

The Llys Helig, which functioned as a houseboat in the River Crouch on Burnham Quay for 13 years, slipped onto its side in March and has stayed that way ever since.

It is still not known what caused the boat to topple over but residents have called on harbour and council authorities to have it repaired.

The owners of Llys Helig who used to live in it have since moved to London with most of their possessions.

Maldon District Council has been working with the owner to try and resolve the issue.

Richard Holmes, Director for Community and Customers, said: “The council has been working with the current owner of the vessel and the Crouch Harbour Authority to ensure his obligations as owner are met.

“The council will ensure that appropriate action to address this matter is taken and ensure that recovery or salvage works are undertaken.”