A SEVEN year old article, a 65 year old photo and an answer.

Gwen Freeman, formerly Baber, lives in Perth in Western Australia, but before emigrating she lived in Burnham and attended Burnham County School.

Gwen recently came across an old article from the Standard that included a school photo from Burnham County taken in the 50s. It caught the eye of Gwen who had attended the school between 1937 and 1945.

She said: “The photo has given me so much pleasure as I have so many happy memories.

“The front row shows the teachers. Norah Cole, Gordon Ambrose, Charlie Jefferies, Marjorie Jackson, John Furlow and Mrs. Jefferies, the school secretary.

“Gordon Ambrose, Marjorie Jackson and Norah Cole had been teaching at the school for some years, having previously taught my two sisters, Edna and Dorothy Baber. What fine teachers they were.

“John Furlow did war service but returned to the school after the war. Charlie Jefferies took over as Headmaster from Marjorie Jackson’s father when he retired. He was very popular and a fine caricaturist.

“Boys would come for woodwork classes from surrounding schools and, likewise, girls would come for cookery classes. For those of us who had school dinners this was not popular as on those days we had to eat what they cooked. I remember the Lentil Soup which was horrible. Eventually it reached the point I brought my own spam sandwiches.

“My husband and I, and family, have resided in Perth, Western Australia, for over fifty years now but have always visited Burnham on our many visits back. Thank you for bringing back so many happy memories.”