THE Leader of Maldon District Council stated “there is much to do and we need to deliver, not talk about delivering” in his leader’s statement to full council on this month.

Mr Durham addressed the full meeting of council members on Thursday July 13.

In a speech that highlighted the challenges and opportunities of the coming year, he said “It is a privilege and honour that I stand before you this evening as the new Leader of Maldon District Council - a council that exists to represent the interests of this special district.

"There is much to do in this municipal year. Much that will make a real difference to the lives of our local communities, much that will enhance this special place.

"As leader I can assure you that I mean business and that I will do everything within my power to ensure that the Council delivers this programme of work during the year for the good of the Maldon District. In short, we need to deliver, not talk about delivering.”

Mr Durham said Maldon remains an ambitious and resilient Council, focused on economic growth, prosperity and promoting the Maldon District as a destination of choice for business and tourism.

He also recognised the efforts of council planning officers driving forward projects and initiatives like the Maldon Design Guide, the Maldon and Heybridge Central Area Master Plan the emerging Maldon District Local Development Plan; which will all protect and shape the District for years to come.