DILAPIDATED conditions at a community hospital have been slammed as an example of a “sad decline” in standards.

The condition of some of the building work at St Peter’s Hospital on Spital Road has been compared to “ancient Greece” with parts falling away.

Talks have been ongoing for many years about plans for a new health centre for Maldon, with suggestions that a brand new facility could be built, or St Peter’s will be refurbished, but little has happened.

Steve Williams, 63, of Fambridge Road, has been using St Peter’s for more than 30 years and described the deteriorated conditions as “extremely disheartening”.

He said: “Walking around the hospital now it’s a lot more noticeable at just how dilapidated some parts are becoming.

“Credit where credit is due – the majority of the areas for inpatient care are generally well maintained, but the rest is very dilapidated and overgrown.

“It’s been a general erosion of care for the place. It’s been talked about for redevelopment for so many years, but it doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere further.

“I took my mother to the Braintree Community Hospital the other week, and it was a completely different story.

It looked modern, refreshed and had a general sense like the whole complex was cared for like a patient.”

A spokesman for the Mid Essex NHS Trust said: “The St Peter’s Hospital site mainly consists of older buildings, many are occupied by non-clinical tenants. The building in the photograph is that of a disused store.

“The public will be aware of the work led by Maldon District Council and the clinical commissioning group which is focussed on determining the future of healthcare provision in Maldon.

“Whilst the strategy is developed, focus for investment for the trust will remain patient areas.

“The trust has recently carried out refurbishments of patient areas including the stroke and dementia ward.”

Fiona Marshall, chief executive of Maldon District Council, said: “We are aware there are significant pressures on the existing services and that there are concerns about the longevity of the St Peter’s Hospital building.

“We are doing all we can to deliver the new Maldon Health Hub in a timely manner.”