A COUNCIL has agreed to provide wheelie bins for a village water fight that is raising money for a toddler battling Retts Syndrome.

Maldon District Council will be providing wheelie bins to the Maylandsea Village Water Fight on July 16, to be used to hold water during the event.

Last year the fight became an internet sensation, after it was arranged by friends Dan Williams and Jay Stammer.

The pair used wheelie bins provided by residents at 2016’s event, as they were still brand new, however, with another 12 months under their belt, the residents’ wheelie bins would have needed to be chemically cleaned in order to be used.

The donation of bins will allow Dan and Jay to put more focus on raising money for Jessica Morris, three, who suffers from Retts Syndrome.

Dan said said: “Last year we used wheelie bins to hold the water that people in the community had provided us with. They were still new at that point so hadn’t really been used yet. This year, the bins are obviously really grubby.

“It meant that if we were to use them we would have had to have them chemically cleaned first.

“I contacted Maldon District Council about it and they have agreed to give us 12 brand new bins that we can borrow and give back to them at the end of the event.

“It is great for them to support us like this. I just chanced it, I wasn’t really expecting them to be able to help us to be honest.

“But I sent them all the information about the water fight, about the fundraising and about the bins and they came back and said yes straight away.

“It has saved us a really big job. It is a really nice gesture and we are really grateful.”

Richard Holmes, Director of Customers & Community, said: “We will be lending the Maylandsea Water Fight organisers 12 wheelie bins for the event.

The council, and our partners Suez, are pleased to be able to support this very popular local event, which raises money for charity”.

For more visit facebook.com/Maylandsea-Annual-Water-Fight.