A holidaymaker destined for a boys trip travelled into Spain using his older brother’s passport, without security realising.

Elliot Lord, 19, a university student at St Mary’s University, Twickenham was part of a group of 26 flying with easyJet from Stansted to Palma on June 28.

He said: “My first thought when I realised the mistake was ‘how am I going to get back’?"

Elliot, of Freshwater Crescent, Heybridge, does not think he looks similar to 23-year-old brother Kieron’s passport photo.

He said: “We do look alike in real life, but not in his passport."

Elliot was surprised he passed through security, but puts it down to being in a large group.

He said: “There were 26 of us so I can understand it happening, they probably didn’t check everyone.”

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