A teetotal tattooist feels she is being singled out to be ID-d at a supermarket because of her appearance.

Heavily inked Paula Doggett, 25, does not drink alcohol but claims to have been asked for identification when accompanying family and friends who are buying drink from the Co-Op in Foundry Lane, Burnham.

Miss Doggett, of Lilian Road, said: “I wouldn't mind but I'm a 25-year-old with over 65 tattoos, ten piercings on my ears and big fat dreadlocks that I have been growing for four years.

The East of England Co-op said it enforces Challenge 25, where retailers must request ID from anyone buying alcohol, tobacco and other age-related products, if they look under 25, even if they are simply within a group of people purchasing the products.

It is a legal requirement on the retailer to check proof of age.