RESIDENTS in Heybridge who started a petition opposing a planning application for a proposed residential development anticipate a decision to be made soon.

Plans for up to 281 homes were submitted to Maldon District Council in August 2023.

The land is east of Broad Street Green Road.

Sarah Harris has lived next-door to the proposed building site since 1999 and started a petition on to oppose the plans.

She said: “As is common with these large scale housing developments there are also major concerns that the infrastructure is inadequate - roads, doctors and schools.”

Sarah added: “The planning application only includes one road going in and out of the site, roads nearby are often gridlocked especially if there are any problems with the A12. 

“Current residents struggle to get doctors appointments”.

She added the site was "unique" as two extensive lakes next to it were former gravel pits, designated as a site of Special Scientific Interest due to dinosaur bones being found there when the gravel pits were dug.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Lake - located near the proposed siteLake - located near the proposed site (Image: Submitted)

Sarah said residents anticipate a decision on whether to approve the application will be made on January 23 at the Maldon District Council planning committee, although they are awaiting the agenda to be published for official confirmation.

Members of the public also voiced their disapproval in the public comments on the application.

Clare Bolton said: “I strongly feel that Maldon and Heybridge do not have the adequate infrastructure for more new houses.

“The roads can't cope with the volume of traffic already on the main routes into Maldon. “Congestion leads to health problems and noise pollution.

“Doctor’s surgeries can't cope with the amount of patients they already have, leading to poor service and difficulty getting the medical treatment needed. 

“This will also increase footfall to the local hospitals which are already struggling.”

Brenda Coomes added: “There is already a major amount of houses being built in the Maldon vicinity but there has been no increase in the facilities to support all these new houses.

“Yes, there are two primary schools being built but there is no additional senior school and the current senior school is already over subscribed.

“Also, there is no additional provision for doctors and the existing doctors surgeries are already struggling without the influx of new patients from the new developments.

“Therefore, it is not appropriate for these new houses to be built as there is no provision for these extra, minimal basic facilities.”