New food hygiene ratings have been awarded to three Maldon’s establishments, the Food Standards Agency’s website shows.

These scores are from the latest inspections by Maldon council's hygiene teams.

And it’s good news for all three eateries.

What do the numbers mean?

0 - urgent improvement necessary

1 - major improvements necessary

2 - improvements necessary

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3 - business generally satisfactory

4 - business good on assessment

5 - business seen as very good

The latest ratings

Maldon's Wimpy has been given the highest food hygiene rating after inspection on March 2.

The family restaurant can be found at 32a in Maldon High Street.

A new rating has been handed to a pub in the district.

The Swan in School Road, Little Totham was also rated 5 after inspection on March 3.

And Copsey Fish Bar in Heybridge was given a new food hygiene score after inspection on March 3.

The takeaway in Hall Road was handed the highest score alongside the other two eateries.