THOUGHTFUL Heybridge Swifts delivered a surprise range of snacks last weekend to cheer up overstretched NHS staff at Chelmsford’s Broomfield Hospital, writes JON LONGMAN.

Swifts youth section secretary Debbie Hill teamed up with fellow Swifts volunteers to deliver the snacks to a wide range of NHS staff at the hospital.

Swifts vice-chairman and youth section lead Steve Spreadbury said: “In the light of the current lockdown and the uncertainty of when the youth section will be able to recommence playing, we decided that we could do something positive to assist the NHS.

“It was decided at the club’s senior committee meeting that we needed to take action in light of the refreshments at the youth tea hut moving ever closer to their expiry date,

“So we decided that we should donate all the food and drink in the hut to good causes as our way of trying to help all the NHS staff with some welcome refreshments as they have been doing such a great job during the pandemic.”

Spreadbury added: “Our youth section secretary, Debbie Hill, started looking at the best places to try to send the items.

“The goods were delivered to operating theatre teams, recovery units, TART outreach teams, mortuary and radiology staff at Broomfield Hospital on Saturday.

“We would just like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at the NHS for all their sterling work in trying to assist people in recovering from this virus.”