WARNING - this article contains positivity on things to do with Colchester United Football Club.

Two games into the new League Two campaign and all told, we have started very strongly and on a positive note.

The weekend's game against Bolton Wanderers was billed as a tough nut to crack, but in the end I think that the scoreline was maybe not as convincing as we played.

A strong attack – even more impressive as we still have two strikers out injured – backed up by a solid defence, one member of which, a certain Tom Eastman even opted the scoring for this season.

Bolton went home empty handed and judging from their manager's post-match comments, rather bitter, which is always a good sign and shows a strong performance.

From a Colchester point of view, what I liked from the post-match rhetoric was that they were pleased with the three points but also that there were a number of points to work on.

There was a desire to get better, stronger and not rest on our early laurels.

It is a long season ahead and with the Covid-19 situation changing daily, there is so much unknown.

All we can do is keep taking each game as it comes, picking up the points and let the things we can not control, pan out over time.

U's chairman Robbie Cowling has this week issued another very open, frank and honest statement explaining how the iFollow pass revenue works.

It mentions the fact that some clubs will do very well out of it and others, such as ourselves, will stand to lose out with how the income funds are divided up between the clubs and due to lower numbers from us.

It means that for all our away games, unless there is a sudden surge in interest we will get nothing from the streaming service and the club will still be feeling the pinch in the pocket even after fans are let back in.

Hopefully this ‘second wave’ does not take hold as feared and we can have more and more - every penny helps and will bolster the club going forward.

We can’t buy players if the money is not there, plus we do not want to end up like clubs unable to pay a hefty tax bill, or even worse like Bury with the club being no more.

So there we have it, another very strong performance on the pitch followed by an open reflection of where we are in the current off field climate.

Mr Cowling may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he sure is what we need during this uncertain season.

It's Barrow away this weekend, which is a real shame as it is a ground that would have been a new one for a lot of us, followed by Oldham Athletic at home.

We need to keep positive, our fingers crossed and hopefully we can all be seeing each other in person – admittedly at a social distance – sooner rather than later. Up the U’s.