COLCHESTER United fans have been having their say on John McGreal's departure as U's boss.

McGreal parted company with the club after just over four years at the helm, leaving the League Two club on the hunt for a new head coach to lead them into the 2020-21 season.

We asked U's fans for their reaction to McGreal's departure - here are the response we received.

Andrew Kettle: JM was heading in the right direction and done very well with the tools he had. RC has the purse strings which he was pulling tighter every season, yet we were still pulling out the results most weeks.

Like most of the first team released he was to expensive for future plans.

Alfie Partner: It was inevitable. Should’ve happened sooner imo

Doug Fenner: Gave us some great moments but too cautious, in tactics and substitutions. Constantly dropping points against teams at the bottom meant we were always short of automatic promotion. He relied on teams coming at us and had no plan for when they sat in and needed to be broken down.

Tom Flint: Feel slightly disappointed from the perspective that consistency is needed now more than ever in what is going to be a challenging time. However it’ll be interesting to see if an internal appointment (which is very likely) will be able to get more out of the squad.

Harrison Tuckwell: 4 years of good memories but never achieved the aim of promotion hard to deem his time at the club a success or failure as he kept us in and around as well as this seasons cup run but it seems moving on to a new regime to get promoted is the way to go

DickofWorm: An honest and likeable gentleman who tried his best for the U's. Perhaps a bit formulaic in approach... nearly always subs on 70 minutes and 1 up front, although I wonder how much the latter was dictated by the Directors?! He said as much once, post-match on the radio last season

Adam Walker: Think it’s the right decision although we have had a great season with him and wish him all the best for the future

Seb: He will always be remembered as the man who beat Spurs and took us to Old Trafford, but unfortunately I think his inability to lead us to anywhere promotion across his 4 years has cost him. Sad to see him go, but very excited for what the future holds

Steve Duckling: A slight shock but only because the majority of fans in S1 & S2 were baffled by some of John McGreals team selections and tactics and were very vocal about it yet Robbie Cowling seemed to stick with him, especially after the his best year last year.

Steve Marriage: JM was a safe manager. Never going to be relegated under him but also I never saw him getting us to automatic promotion either. Sad to see him go as he was a good servant to CUFC, but we need a fresh look at how to get this talented group to L1.

Liam: Was a top bloke and did give us some great memories this season with the cup run earlier on this season but I feel like we have been underachieving in the league for 4 years with him and with the squad we’ve had this season and past seasons we could have been a top 3 side easily.

Jamie Hudson: Right decision but I think a decision that may end up pointless if we go for another internal manager

Paul Chisnall: JM did a good job, but not a great one. Is that his fault or the cards he was dealt? We need someone who understands forward players as our recruitment of forwards and how to get the best of them. Plus JM had final say on Bonne + his use of Roberts and Aaron Collins was pathetic.

Mark Andrews: His legacy is a total fail, He lost so many key players and had no plan b, just confusion.

Jeremy Aves: Took over at a bad time. Mostly cured us of our habit of conceding late goals. Fans always want more, and there was a feeling he was *just* doing enough, but he did a good job. Plus some great cup memories this season.

Sean: Sad to see the man leave but not the manager. A true gent but he has one of the most talented squads in this league the last few years and failed to deliver.

Mark Watts: Want to see some ambition in the next appointment. Go all out for lee johnson if that's possible

Footy Index FPL: The players were good enough to get promoted but were held back by McGreal who was too negative at home and who had no tactical Plan B. McGreal’s U’s always played worse in the second half! Four years is more time than most lower league managers get. Deffo time for a fresh start

Matthew Blaylock: Minimal progress despite Robbie’s investment in the first team squad over the past 2 seasons. It’s a shame, he’s clearly well respected, but I think it’s the right time for a reset. Next appointment will be a good sign of where the clubs ambition is placed.

Si Collinson: As a manager he has given us lasting memories, no one will forget the EFL Cup run and where it took us. He has bought the fans and Club closer together. He will he missed. Personally he has been good to me off the pitch as well supporting me with my injury recovery. Thank you John

Sam Matthews Boehmer: The right decision in the end. Although the cup run was fantastic, performances in the league were never up to scratch- we never made the playoffs in a full season. It will be interesting to see what another manager can do with this crop of players.

Renaissance Man: It's time to let the shackles off the squad.

Malachi: Thank him for everything he has done for the club especially the carabao cup run beating spurs and Crystal Palace on penalties and taking us to the theatre of dreams my only criticism of him was the subs and also sometimes the team selection

Boots 2 Africa: An extraordinary decision, maybe #Smokeandmirrors Banknote with pound sign & 3rd parties in play, but extraordinary nonetheless. Picking up fm lows to produce a squad capable of destroying table topping sides with brilliance & flair on a minimal wage budget takes some doing! #ColU Camera with flash vs Argyle 3:0

James: Was a good manager but just didn’t seem to take us where we wanted. Good to have a change, wish him all the best #ColU

Nathan Tansley: Sad to see took us on an unbelievable adventure this season in the cup memories that will never be forgotten Would liked see him stay another year especially with so much change and needing youth players People seem to forget those that he’s developed! Please not Sol Campbell

Michael Kennedy: Knew John via my sponsorship of the Us! Honestly liked him as a coach and as a man. Gutted to see him go as I believed in his plan for the club. My only criticism of him was his team selection for the second play off game. To my eyes he will be missed. All the best John!

Chris Carey: Unpopular opinion.....He didn’t actually do a bad job, considering the constraints he was operating under. But I also think Robbie does an amazing job, keeping us afloat.

Dave Story: Shame, I thought he did a good job considering the club circumstances. All the best John.