THE Colchester United Supporters Association is backing the idea of using the Club United fund to install safe standing at the JobServe Community Stadium.

But CUSA chairman Jon Burns admits the idea of spending the cash on signing a new player may not be a practical one.

U's chairman Robbie Cowling has revealed that U's fans owed refunds for this season will be given the chance to decide how the club spend the money, in the shape of the newly-formed fund.

It will allow fans to divert their refunds into a ring-fenced fund, with Cowling suggesting the instillation of safe standing in the South Stand as a possible option.

Burns said: "I personally would support the safe standing idea.

"The CUSA is in support of it too and I'm not speaking out of turn, because we have discussed it before.

"We're in favour of safe standing and my own fear was how we were going to get the money to do that.

"My view is that the FA should be paying for it but they haven't got as money themselves at the moment, have they?

"I'd like to think there might even be grants available from places like the Football Foundation that might that, as well.

"If the majority of feeling is for safe standing, then I'd support that.

"It would also be nice to have something that would benefit the wider fanbase - those that can't stand, those who don't want to be in the South Stand.

"I'd encourage people if they have views on that to express them to the football club.

"As far as putting it towards a player, it could be difficult as people have different views on different players.

"A fund of £30,000-£40,000 in the pot of Club United is going to go some way.

"But I don't think it's going to help get a two-year contract of a player of someone like Frank Nouble's standing.

"It's a trickier subject when you're talking about a footballer, because opinions on that can be a little bit more open.

"One person's favourite player is different to another's.

"What if that players gets injured or has a tough time or doesn't want to come back?

"I think it's got to be something tangible, rather than a player.

"Could the money be used to help bring through more players from the academy?

"That might not be a bad source, if that's the future of football in the next few years."

Cowling's latest statement - and Club United idea - have received plenty of praise from U's supporters.

The Colchester supremo says he came up with the idea after some fans signalled their desire to donate their refunds to the club following the early finish to the 2019-20 League Two season.

Burns believes the innovative idea will further boost the connection between the U's and their supporters.

He added: "I'm delighted that Robbie has come out and given the option to the supporters on whether or not to refund or donate what effectively they might be owed from the curtailed last season.

"It must have been a tough decision for him, because it wasn't in his original thinking.

"Myself and others had been in contact with the football club and made it known on social media before the announcement that we wanted the option of doing that.

"Robbie has put his brain power to it and come up with Club United and it's now a vehicle for fans who want to use that option.

"Some will and some won't - what's got to be made clear is that you're not a bad person if you can't do that or don't want to do that.

"It's optional and if the value involved is then put to good use for the benefit of the football club and the fans depending on what ideas are rubber stamped, that's great.

"A few fans have suggested they'd like to make an ad-hoc donation to it, regardless of whether they're due a refund or not.

"It's all going to be for the benefit of the future football club, rather than just going into the day to day running of the business.

"Robbie wanted to make that clear and I'm delighted he has.

"What an excellent statement, the latest in a line of excellent statements our chairman has put out during this crisis by being completely open and honest.

"I class Club United as a vehicle for progress and further enhancing relations between the club and supporters."