STEP one of the three steps to League One is upon us.

You may well be thinking of the famous song by Eddie Cochran, and why not?

Promotion will be “heavenly” and some of our players are Gods in the eyes of many U’s supporters for what they have brought us in the season so far.

This evening at 5.15pm, we have our team Colchester United in the play-offs, pitting themselves against perhaps the toughest team out of the other three in my opinion.

Overcome Exeter City after 180 minutes of football and Wembley awaits for the one game shoot out to join Swindon, Crewe and Plymouth in the third tier next season.

It’s truly incredible to take in the fact that after all the stresses and strains we have all faced, at varying levels, since the lockdown of ourselves and football started, we now have the opportunity of supporting the U’s these next few days.

It’s means a shed load to the fans and I know we’ll all be counting down the hours to kick off.

The real downside is that we can’t be there in person, and with that in mind please remember to avoid the stadium at all costs later, because if there’s the slightest risk then the U’s will get in heap of trouble and it will cost them even more money than they have already paid out.

I imagine that the hoops the club has had to jump through just to get this game on have been numerous, and you can bet that there will be penalties from the EFL if fans even try to go up for a simple glimpse of their heroes after the game.

Players have been kept in “bubbles” which has thankfully kept them void of positive tests so let’s keep it that way.

So how are we all supporting the lads on? You may have groomed yourself for a cardboard cut out in the stands, keeping your eyes peeled on the TV to catch a glimpse of yourself behind one of U’s players in shot?

Or maybe you prefer the radio option and the astute football wisdom from your favourite commentators?

As many will support in a multi-tasking, socially distanced way, I suspect that there’ll also be a few managing a laptop or phone in one hand, a Balti pie in the other, whilst still trying to concentrate on the action. Best not get the pie and smart device mixed up is my advice.

Many of us have been second guessing the U’s line up for tonight. What an absolute bonus it is to have the likes of Prosser, Nouble, Jackson and Robinson available.

This speaks volumes for the make up of these players and in fact our whole squad, that they want to help and play out their part this season.

I feel there’s a real togetherness on the pitch. Let’s hope that can use that to play some of their very best football and win.

Personally, I would not dare to try and predict John McGreal’s thinking. He’s seen them work hard for just a few weeks in the build-up, and he’ll make up his mind from there.

So looking forward to this, and of course next Monday. The best team over the two legs will be worthy winners and let it be us.

The very best of luck to John and the team for this week, and thanks to you for your fantastic support, wherever and however you will be giving it.

Up the U’s!