FINALLY we have the green light we have all been waiting for and Colchester United are in the play-offs.

It is crazy to think that finally they are here and in typical Col U style, we'll be winning one of the biggest games in recent history without any of the fans able to be there to witness it.

I can't wait until 5.15pm on Thursday and kick-off time against Exeter City. It's good that both semi-final games will be on television and hopefully as many fans as possible will be able to tune in.

One thing that has been very clear to me over the last few months is that we are lucky to have Robbie Cowling as chairman.

He has come in for criticism from some sides of the fanbase in recent years, perhaps because of his bluntness and his determination to stick to his way of doing things.

But over this pandemic, he has shown leadership, been very transparent with what is going on at the club and most importantly, has understood the need to make sure that the systems in place are robust enough to ensure that Colchester United remain here for future generations.

The club issued a statement earlier last week about the situation with season tickets and those with match tickets for games that have not been played.

The club will be offering a number of options with fans able to put the amount to next season or on their privilege card.

There is also the choice for a refund, although the club did stress this will take time.

Now I know everyone’s situation is different and people will respond in different ways to what they will do.

But for me personally I would like to see the club add another option and that is for them to let fans donate the money to the U's.

These are tough times and every little will help. I know it will not be done by everyone, but those that can and want to should be able to.

I am intrigued to see how many cardboard cut-outs have been purchased by the fans and where they will be located in the ground for the television cameras.

I think it is a more personal way of doing things compared to La Liga, who have superimposed a fake crowd of blocky squares on to the stands that looks very FIFA 98.

The play-off final is always a spectacle and it will be interesting to see what they do with Wembley to make it look less like an empty stadium, given its size and layout.

The U's players and staff are working hard for the game and although we can not be there in person, it is still important we show our support where we can.

A positive post on social media or something similar will let them know we are all behind them and willing them on to victory.

Fingers crossed that with the football gods aligning this time next week we will all be looking forward to a play-off final with League One in touching distance.

Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson