AND finally, the U’s have their play-off game confirmed by the EFL.

Plenty of fist clenching and moaning around League One and League Two following the decision, but that’s not our concern.

It feels like an age since this debate first started. It’s also an age since the U’s played a game of course.

Hard to believe that it was way back on March 7 up at Carlisle where we secured the magical three points that gave us the leg up in the table that we needed.

It was a fine performance too and how indebted we now are to the teenage Poku for his two goals that day.

Northampton losing at home and Port Vale only drawing at Cheltenham that day has given the U’s their chance and I’m sure they will do all that they can to grab it with both hands.

Just think that by the end of June, we could be winning at Wembley and planning for League One football next season.

How big a reward that would be for the fans who have supported the team through thick and thin this season and more, and gave the players such tremendous support at Old Trafford?

They may not be at the same level as some of our peers in terms of numbers, but without doubt the U’s do have such a keen and devoted fanbase.

How exciting that would be to see that increase on the back of promotion? We will need them more than ever once the restrictions are relaxed and we can all start to enjoy live football in the flesh again.

So, what of these two upcoming battles with Exeter City, and who can or who will play?

If the world was a normal place now, we could have all been planning an extended weekend away in Devon for the second leg. That would have been a bit special.

Personally, I am very happy playing at home first. Both teams are evenly matched and they’ll both be a bit rusty, but I fancy the U’s to take the advantage next Thursday and then thwart and counter-attack in the re-match.

We cannot afford to work our way into the game and that’s where it may be difficult for the players, with none of the normal pre-season friendlies to get them up to speed, but it sounds like training has been top notch so that’s great news.

We certainly have the players to be successful these next weeks but will said teamsheets include the names of the four “released” first teamers or even a certain Mr Robinson - there’s the question?

Hopefully between now and the big day there will be more news on how and where we can watch and enjoy seeing our players again.

Although she doesn’t know it yet, my fall-back position is sticking my nose up against the outside lounge window of a friend and beg that she does not need to pull the curtains or call the Police.

Thanks for your support and don’t forget to dust off your blue and whites.

Colchester United Supporters Association chairman Jon Burns