The visit from bottom of the league Sutton United was always going to be one of those games.

With our recent upturn in form and them without a point on the road this season it should have been one of the so-called easier games given the pervious fixtures we have faced.

But of course with all things Col U that was not the case!

We laboured throughout the majority of the game without the recent intensity we have seen – especially in the second half against Swindon. The ideas were there but did not seem to click and players just were not on the same page.

It was going to need a player to take the game by the scruff of the neck, and on 80 minutes up steps Arthur Read to finish off in fine style after some fine control to get on the end of substitute Bradley Ihionvien’s pass.

It looked like we were heading for another win and the fourth in a row for the first time in a good few years.

The crowd was in fine spirits and the ground was really buzzing with everyone behind the lads to see the game out. Which we would have done had it not been for a needless free-kick given away in a position where there was no need to lunge in.

Given that Sutton only looked like scoring from set-pieces it was even more of an issue. Of course, in true Col U style that was what happened, with pretty much the last kick of the game the visitors got the equaliser and took a point back to South London.

Very frustrating as it was two points lost rather than one point gained.

So, 10 points from the last 12 sees us sat 16th in the table, seven points from both the play-off places and the bottom two.

While this is not the best position, it is more of an upward trend than in recent months.

Of course, with the Sutton game over all the attention turns to the next manager and if Matty Etherington will be given the job full time.

Personally, I am in the minority, and I think he should be given it.

If we had won on Saturday and got 12 from 12 it would have been hard to see why not. No matter what people think it is a results game and you cannot argue with the facts that there has been a massive improvement on this front since he took interim charge.

He has made tactical changes and used the right subs at the right times in my book, bringing experience on when needed to steady the ship and see games out.

This did not quite work out against Sutton, but the changes did lead to a goal and the free-kick that led to the equaliser was down to the players not the manager.

I get that people want an outside experienced appointment, but there is a small pool to pick from and then you have to get the right candidate, who is willing to take on the role and so that will limit it further.

Under Etherington we have ground out results and he has, while not radically changing anything, brought a feel-good factor back to the squad, something that is overlooked at times. If the players enjoy coming to work, they will work harder and fully give themselves to the cause.

If there is a better candidate out there and we are able to attract them, then that is all well and good, but in the current climate there is the real risk of overlooking Etherington and losing a diamond while collecting stones.

Whatever happens in the managerial appointment, the last few games have really shown that the fans are willing and wanting to get behind the team, we just need something to get behind.

This has been seen in snippets, now it needs to be there on a more regular basis and give the fans the passion and fight they deserve. Up the U’s.