WITH rain and thunderstorms predicted, Maldon Gig Rowing Club feared their second novice day would finish before it started.

Luckily, predictions were wrong and blue skies and sunshine came through.

A temperature of 19°C and easterly winds of 14mph set the morning up for a great time to go rowing.

With 12 club members ready to instruct and support, two novices headed towards the gigs for their first row.

With a novice in each boat and four club members making up each crew of four rowers and one cox, Record Reign and Ready were launched and started their progress towards Brythnoth.

Once past the statue, the gigs turned and headed back towards the Quay.

However, with enthusiastic novices, keen crews and beautiful weather, both boats headed towards Fullbridge, ducking under the bridge and carrying on to Beeleigh Falls.

Both novices were able to enjoy the variation of the River Blackwater with Thames Barges, sailing yachts and rowers in one part of the river and then the quieter side with bird life and quiet scenery towards Beeleigh Falls.

With about a 45-minute row, the novices returned still full of enthusiasm and enjoyed their time on the water.

The Maldon club members hope both newcomers will be coming along again and decide to join the club full-time.

The next novice day is on Sunday, June 24 at 9am, followed by the last one of 2018 on July 29 (1pm).

Anyone interested in joining can come along to any session advertised on the website, www.maldongigclub.org.uk, Facebook or clubhouse noticeboard on the Quay along from the Little Ship Club.