JETLAG did not stop real tennis world champions Claire and Rob Fahey from scooping several trophies at the Australian Open.

The couple, from Inworth, are the in-house professionals at Prested Hall, in Feering.

Rob, the 11-time world champion, currently ranked number two, and his wife, the reigning ladies' world champion, both played fantastic matches throughout the championships in Hobart, Tasmania.

Clare said: “The competition is one of the big four grand slams in the real tennis world and it was great to be a part of some really inspiring play from some of the top players in the world.”

Widely regarded as the world’s greatest-ever player, Rob won in both the men’s doubles and men’s singles finals, while Claire had similar victories, winning both the women’s doubles and women’s singles titles.

The couple are now enjoying a celebratory holiday before returning home with their trophies.

Prested Hall owner Mike Carter said: “It’s a fantastic coup to see Rob and Claire sweep the boards on the other side of the world.

"They're a fantastic team and we’re lucky to have them here at Prested, coaching world-class tennis to upcoming talent”.