A record-breaking marathon runner believes women’s sport is not given the recognition it deserves.

Asheldham woman Fiona Oakes has submitted evidence to the women and sport inquiry, launched by Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

The inquiry is investigating barriers to women’s participation in sport and how to overcome them

Ms Oakes, who runs Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, broke two world records and set a third after running a marathon on each continent last year.

In her written evidence, she said: “Women’s sport is viewed, in most instances, as secondary to men’s sport by virtue of the fact that – apart from in a very few instances such as equestrianism – women do not compete equally in strength and times etc.

“Therefore, the ‘ultimate’ winner of a race or competition or event will always be the strongest, fastest, highest etc. and this is – in nearly all instances – a man."