GRIEVING Rebecca Weaver has urged people to “think bike”and take care on the roads – a year after her partner died in a crash.

Ms Weaver lost her partner Colin Chapman in a motorbike crash on the A127 in July last year.

Now, in addition to underscoring the importance of road safety, she is behind a record-breaking attempt to visit 150 pubs in the UK in Mr Chapman’s memory.

Mr Chapman, a well-known former Canvey businessman, died on July 6 2019 aged 50, three days after the terrible crash near Havering.

The father-of-five’s death saw an outpouring of grief from across south Essex and a fundraiser was launched to help pay for his funeral.

Mark Hassell’s GoFundMe page went on to raise £4,000.

Ms Weaver, 39, has laid flowers along with a tribute and message about her partner where the crash happened, urging people to “Think Bike” when driving.

She said: “We had actually discussed before his death what he wanted, he said he wanted to be scattered in places he had been.

“I started in Torquay, then to Greece, Majorca and in Tenerife.

“I wanted to lay something down, because that’s a horrific road and so many people have lost their lives.

“When I did my motorbike test I got a completely different perception of the road.

“But anyone that hasn’t ridden a bike doesn’t have that. I set something up there for people to ‘think bike’ and think about other road users.

“He was a fantastic biker and would go all over the place with me on the back.”

Before Mr Chapman died, the couple had dreamed of living together in a motorhome and travelling around the country.

Now, in honour of his memory, Ms Weaver will be travelling around in a motorhome named Hank, along with her pet beagle dog Marvin, to visit 150 pubs in the UK.

She has officially put forward her bid to achieve a Guinness World Record for the number of pubs visited in one year.

It has been in the planning for the past four months and she is set to start in October.

Ms Weaver, who lives in Harold Wood near Romford, said: “It was our dream to do this but sadly we never got there.

“My goal now is to visit as many places as I can and create new memories along the way.

“I also want to do something to bring the tourism back to the UK, after everything with Covid.

“I’m going to be doing video reviews of each pub.

“I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have this project. I feel very vulnerable.”

Ms Weaver will be sharing live updates on her journey. Visit