A HUNGRY cat joined a socially distant queue for an ice cream - and her manners saw her attract plaudits online.

Podge, a four-year-old Siamese cat living in Rochford, joined her owners to queue for an ice cream outside her home in Rochford Garden Way.

While doing this she sat two metres behind the other people in the queue, a sight which was quickly snapped by a resident.

Podge then achieved worldwide fame and has been viewed across social media more than 100,000 times, including in New Zealand.

Sharing the initial photo, the Essex Coronavirus Action Group said: “Like many Rochford residents, Podge gets very excited when the ice cream van chimes ring out in her neighbourhood.

“However, Podge knows how important it is to socially distance from everyone else in the queue.

“Cats aren’t normally well-known for their patience or their willingness to follow rules, but Podge has been listening to the advice and wants to stay as safe as possible while supporting a business during these difficult times.”

The photo was snapped by Podge’s owner Denise Crosbie.

The 59-year-old said: “I just decided to post it because my daughter and her partner went out for an ice cream and she just decided to sit behind them.

“It just looked really funny, and thought if I can share this and give people a bit of a laugh it’s a good thing to do in these times.

“They told me she’s been viewed as far as the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

“I hope it make people smile that’s all we did it for, we didn’t realize the response it would get.”

Podge went viral on Wednesday after less than 12 hours, and has since had a visit from ice cream makers Rossi’s as a reward for waiting so patiently.

She now has her own Facebook page which has more than 400 likes.

Visit facebook.com/OfficialPodgeTheCat.