A FILMMAKER documented his final commute before working from home to showcase the effects the coronavirus outbreak is having on those working in London.

Ryan Grant, 28, originally from Heybridge and living in Witham, worked in the city.

After the UK Government’s guidance on social isolation, many have seen the Big Smoke deserted, with only a handful of people spotted during rush hour.

The IT infrastructure specialist decided to take out his camera and document what life looks like.

He said: “Today (March 20) is the first day I'll be working from home.

“I work in IT department so we were extremely busy setting up all the kit people needed to work from home, working some crazy hours in London from 7am-9pm.

“It’s very stressful - can't imagine what the NHS staff are going through in jobs that are far more important than what I do!

“I’ve got my office setup this morning.

“No real Idea of when we will be back into the office.”

Ryan is an avid videographer who uploads content onto his YouTube channel.

His ongoing project is to document a year in his life one day at a time, creating an annual compilation.

You can read more about his 2019 project here.