sea defences has been left damaged after being battered by two big storms.

Campaigners have raised concerns about sea defences on Canvey’s shore and are calling for urgent repairs being in a bad state of repair.

One resident, a 1953 Canvey flood survivor who lives off Long Road said: “Strong south westerly winds have caused a huge sand shift exposing the tow board at the bottom of the sea wall.

“The rocks that we can see have broken away from the sea wall, and this is on the seafront between Fisherman’s Corner and the Labworth Cafe.

“The Environment Agency has been informed, but I doubt if they will think it’s urgent.

“We need some seriously strong easterly winds to bring the sand back.”

It was also met by plenty of discussion on social media with other concerned islanders claiming to have reported it to the agency.

But Ray Howard, former Tory councillor, and Canvey Independent councillor Peter Greig both said they feel confident the agency is dealing with the


Mr Greig said: “I feel reassured the agency is dealing with this issue and am not feeling too urgently concerned at the moment.“They have told us they are dealing with it and we’ve got the major sea defence works coming.”

Last summer the agency announced works are now underway on a £130,000 project to improve Canvey’s seafront seawall defences, from Thorney Bay to the Island Yacht Club.

The work is funded through the TEAM2100 programme.

Canvey and Southend seafronts were battered by Storm Brenden and Storm Ciara.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We regularly monitor the condition of our defences and have an ongoing maintenance and inspection plan to ensure they remain in good condition.

“We have not received reports of damaged sea defences on Canvey Island and recent checks have not uncovered any concerns in the Furtherwick Road area.

“We will however carry out a further inspection.

“People can report damaged defences or other concerns to our 24/7 hotline by calling 03708 506 506.”