A PARTY lover whose Twitter post went viral after losing her passport while on holiday in Ibiza says, despite a four-day battle to get home, she still had the “best holiday ever”.

Bobbie Cook suffered a litany of problems during her holiday to Ibiza, facing multiple flight delays and cancellations.

The 21-year-old healthcare assistant, from Wickford, flew out on September 25, having had to wait hours for a connecting flight in Barcelona after her initial booking was cancelled when holiday company Thomas Cook went into administration, requiring last-minute bookings for new flights and hotels.

When she and her friend Becca, 20, finally reached the party island, they visited superclub Pacha on their second night, when Bobbie realised her passport was missing.

Following a stressful few days of applying for an emergency passport, and the journey home being delayed by four nights due to the wait for it to be processed and problems with flight bookings, Bobbie was looking through her photos when she spotted one which had her passport lying on the floor of the club.

The former Beauchamps High School pupil said: “I couldn’t find it anywhere on the night, and just by chance I was looking at all my photos the night before we were due to go home and there it was, in plain sight.

“I just couldn’t believe it; I just had not been keeping eyes open all of that night. If I had, it would have saved so much trouble.

“When I saw it I kept calling the club to ask if it had been handed in, but they’d had nothing at all. I think someone may have picked it up and stolen it.

“And because I was applying for an emergency passport over a weekend it was going to take too long for me to get my flight home, and my friend Becca had to go back.

“I was quite scared of having to cope on my own; sometimes I can be completely clueless, but a friend who I knew out there stayed with me, which made me feel better.”

The pair were left stranded on the island for an extra four nights, and didn’t get back to the UK until October 4.

However, seeing the funny side of the situation, Bobbie took to Twitter to share her blunder with her followers, in a post which has now been shared more than 800 times and liked by more than 20,000 people.

She said: “During it, I was stressing out because I felt like everything was going wrong and I was going to completely lose it, but now looking back I can just laugh.

“We still had a really good time there, lots of good nights out, it was actually the best holiday ever.

“Now I’m here looking at the photo after that Twitter post blew up and I think it’s quite nice that I’ve made so many people laugh by losing a passport.”

She said she has not been put off travelling by the debacle.

She added: “I’ve now applied for a provisional driving license, so I’ll always have two forms of ID to take with me.

“I haven’t got any plans to go away this year, but will certainly want to next year.”