A CONTROVERSIAL cycle lane divider is being removed after cyclists described it as dangerous and a “recipe for disaster”.

The divider at Devereux Road was installed to improve safety between cars and cyclists in cycle lanes.

But the plan backfired amid claims they have done the opposite and actually made the problem worse.

Adam Jones, a keen cyclist who has campaigned for cycling across Essex, told the Echo he had been informed that the safety dividers would be removed, and claimed that the dividers would cost £14,000 to be removed.

Southend Council denied the cost

The 51-year-old added: “Each divider cost £200 to buy and install, but will cost £14,000 to be removed.

“This is great news - the removal - if that is indeed the case.

“I’m glad it’s happened now before somebody was seriously hurt.

“They were extremely dangerous, fundamentally dangerous.

“Residents had taken matters into their own hands and had started painting them blue.

“It shows the power that residents and the Echo have in making a difference.

“No one knows why the council did it. It was a very weird approach.

“The cabinet won’t own up.

“It seems like Southend Council don’t understand cycling and cyclists in the town at all.

“The cycle lanes are narrower than they should be.”

He claimed one of the problems is drivers not respecting cycle lanes and parking cars in them.

Drivers then open doors - called “being doored” by the cycling community.

Ron Woodley, councillor for transport, said: “The cycle lane divider was installed at Devereux Road following concerns that there have been collisions between cyclists and drivers, caused by drivers cutting the corner and entering the cycle path. Dividers are commonly used to separate cycle lanes and vehicles.

“Following the construction the site was reviewed.

“Following this review, we can confirm that we will be removing the divider and emphasising the cycle lane markings to make all users aware of its presence.”