A 69-year-old man battling terminal cancer raised almost £2,000 by completing a skydive.

Intrepid adventurer, Jeff Wakefield, of Chadwell St Mary, presented a cheque for £1,890 to St Lukes Hospice, which has been caring for him during his illness.

He was diagnosed with liver cancer last year after his skin and eyes took on a yellow hue, which suggested liver problems.

Despite battling cancer, Jeff was insistent on completing the skydive – despite his GP laughing at the idea.

Jeff said: “It’s been on my bucket list for a while now, so when St Luke’s asked I quickly said yes!

“My own GP laughed when I asked him to sign the forms.

“But the hospice doctor agreed that I could.

“He even said if you do it, so will I. He’s due to jump on Saturday.”

Jeff was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, which affects the bile duct, and had four platinum stents installed to combat the problem which involves a tumour blocking the bile from reaching the intestine.

When visiting Southend Hospital to discuss treatment, he was told that chemotherapy was an option.

The consultant however explained possible side effects, including blindness, and told Jeff even if it was successful it would only give him a couple more months to live.

Jeff decided not to have chemotherapy and has been put onto end of life care at St Luke’s Hospice in Basildon.

Ahead of the challenge, Jeff said: “I would like to end my life at St Luke’s, not in hospital or at home.

“When I had skin cancer years ago, they supported me then and have supported me through this journey too.

“When I visit, they keep track of how I’m doing, the volunteers even pick me up and take me home.

“I’m under the GP now, but I visit the hospice monthly as a day patient, and am under review all the time.

“My wife and kids have been incredibly supportive as well, I wouldn’t be here without them.”

Having owned a motorbike and sports car, as well as completing gliding, racing, hot air ballooning and more off his bucket list, Jeff only had skydiving left to tick off.