A diehard Prodigy fan has shown their support for the band by changing a sign on the A120.

The sign, which is on the eastbound side of the busy road near to Marks Farm roundabout in Braintree, is now displaying The Prodigy's famous ant logo instead of an arrow pointing left for Braintree.

The name of the road leading into Braintree has also been changed from the B1256 to 1994 - the year The Prodigy released their second album, Music for the Jilted Generation.

The band themselves posted a video on social media showing the changes being made to the sign, and accompanied the post with "Respect to the jilted warriors".

It is not known when the changes were made but the video was posted online yesterday (Thursday, July 4).

Highways England has condemned the alterations. 

A spokesman said: "Defacing a road sign like this is dangerous, not just for the person who does it but also for drivers and for our on-road teams who will have to fix it.

"We view it as an act of vandalism and will work with the police to pursue prosecution wherever possible.”