A driver was pulled over after officers spotted him watching football on his phone while behind the wheel.

Officers from the Essex Roads Policing Unit pulled the driver over on the M25 after they spotted him driving erratically down the motorway.

A member of the RPU said: "Driver was stopped watching TV on his phone while driving erratically down the motorway.

"Having spent six says in crown court this month as a family liaison officer for a family whose daughter was killed by a driver doing exactly the same thing, this offence disgusts me."

The offence comes after a lorry driver was jailed for nine years for killing a woman by watching TV on the Dartford Crossing and crashing into her car.

Viorel Sandulache, 26, from Croydon, was found guilty by a jury of causing the death of 21-year-old Abigail Harvey, earlier this month.

The crash took place in the early hours of the morning in November 2017.

Abi, a former Seevic College student, was driving her silver Audi A1 when it was involved in the crash with the lorry on the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge.

She was flown to Royal London Hospital with a serious injury but sadly lost her life three days later.

In the wake of the crash, the bridge was closed for several hours while investigators examined the scene for forensic evidence.

Sandaluche was jailed for nine years after driving his lorry into the rear of Abi's car.

Essex Police has been contacted for comment.