A trapped cat that got stuck in a six-inch gap in a wall was reunited with his owner after a dramatic rescue.

The pet was rushed to hospital before being taken home safely

A concerned homeowner in Grays called the RSPCA after they heard noises coming from the wall.

RSPCA animal collection officer Nick Jonas could see the male adult tabby cat was stuck in a tiny six-inch gap between the two walls but after trying to coax him out he realised he had no way of reaching him.

He called Essex Fire and Rescue Service for assistance and they demolished the wall to free the stricken pet.

Mr Jonas said: “I have no idea how this curious cat got himself wedged so tightly but he was certainly very relieved to get out!

“Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures so we do get all sorts of calls where they have gotten into trouble.

“We are very grateful the local fire service were available to assist us on this occasion as they have access to the tools needed for this job.”

The cat, who was rescued on Sunday April 7, was microchipped and after a brief stay at RSPCA Harmsworth hospital, he was reunited with his owner two days later.

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