A bus was left stranded after the driver reportedly misjudged the high tide and steered the bus off the road.

In shocking footage captured yesterday, motorists can be seen waiting for the high tide to subside before a bus comes through and attempts to cross the flooded road.

But the water, in Creeksea Ferry Road, Wallasea Island, proves to be too deep for the bus to make it through and it almost floats off into the creek at the side of the road.

Credit: Ann May

Emergency services were called and the fire brigade reportedly had to rescue the driver and the passenger from the bus.

Ann May, who lives in the area and witnessed the incident, said the incident was shocking to watch.

She added: "Five minutes before, I filmed him coming on to the island and driving past cars queuing to come on.

"It was just so reckless of the driver. If it hadn't managed to get wedged in the ditch the way it did, it could have been much worse.

"I was filming then when I realised how serious it was, I called 999. The fire brigade had to come and rescue them.

"They assessed the bus was wedged, got the doors open and helped them off -it could have been a different story if it had come off just before that point. It is so lucky it didn't turn on its side.

"I have been awake all night thinking about it. Sometimes I have used this bus myself."

The vehicle was left in the ditch after the flooding cleared until it could be recovered safely.