NOW we’ve all got the hump before while driving.

Of that I have no doubt. Not a single reader can protest otherwise, surely?

However mildmannered you are you must have found yourself in a situation where your blood has boiled, even just a little.

But it never ceases to amaze me, in fact disturbs me, just how aggressive and violent some people can suddenly get going about their daily business.

What the hell must be going on in their lives to make them lose the plot as much as they do?

The Gazette this week got hold of some startling video footage which was incredibly concerning.

The person involved has clearly lost control as he batters the windscreen of a car with what looks like some sort of metal object.

The force he uses punctures the windscreen as the driver cowers inside his vehicle.

It’s pretty unnerving.

This didn’t happen in the dead of the night either.

It was 3.15pm on a Friday afternoon.

So what makes it worse is mums who would have been picking up their children from school may have had to witness this.

Police are investigating the incident recorded as road rage and criminal damage.

It happened in Stifford Road, South Ockendon, and they obviously want to speak to the man involved as soon as they can.

If you can help do, the incident can be viewed at