While driving through Shalford on Sunday, March 3 to the RSPCA centre, I was confronted to the left of the road, by several ageing do-gooders, presumably from the sleepy village itself with what I can describe as cheap high viz jackets and a hairdryer.

On seeing this while doing 30mph, I increased my speed to 40mph and gave them a disapproving shake of the head rather than my hand, just so they’d send me one of their unenforceable letters.

Please note that the equipment used by these mostly senior residents is not adequate to record an accurate speed reading, nor would it stand up in court.

For those participating in this sad little community initiative, would it be rude of me to suggest getting a proper hobby?

Maybe fishing or dominoes judging by the grey hair colour of those holding the hair dryer.

Jamie Legg, Great Notley

Editor's note: We wholeheartedly disagree with Mr Legg's assessment of the excellent work community speedwatch groups do.