Student officers will be shining police boots for 18 weeks to raise awareness for a domestic abuse charity in Essex.

Intake C1 is looking to raise £1,000 for Changing Pathways, a charity that provides support to victims of domestic abuse in Basildon, Brentwood, Castle Point, Rochford and Thurrock.

They are just weeks in and have already reached £311, however, they still need donations.

The shoe shining challenge forms part the day-to-day duties of a police officer to make sure they look smart, professional, confident and commanding within their communities.

Just this week 40 new recruits attended a lecture held by Chief Superintendent Sean O’Callaghan, head of learning and development, about appearance in policing.

Every Tuesday at 8am our student officers are inspected outside the Essex Police College.

Chief Supt O’Callaghan said: “While many aspects of policing are changing, some of the old traditions still remain in place and are at the very heart of our police force.

“First impressions are vital when our officers attend incidents or speak to victims of crime and it’s vital that our appearance remains at the highest standards.

“The recruits we train through our college have been model candidates, adopting our policies and showing great professionalism and heroism on our streets.

“I wish our new recruits every success during their fundraising appeal and I’m sure there will be plenty of officers queueing outside their door to have their boots shined.”

The inspections include making sure recruits are wearing their helmets and hats in a professional manner, checking to see if boots have been shined and uniforms are being worn to expected standard.

General appearance is also inspected like making sure hair and beards are neat and nail polish is in keeping with a uniformed service.

Essex Police is actively recruiting police officers and anyone interested can visit

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