A CONCERT featuring a Thurrock violinist saw viewers from around the world raise cash for local causes.

The WPO (The Woolmer Philharmonic Orchestra) organised its first online concert in aid of ‘Thurrock Instrument Amensty’ on Sunday, April 16. The half hour concert broadcast on online streaming featured classical violinist and Thurrock resident Hannah Woolmer.

Audiences purchased tickets for the event across the globe and donations came from as far afield as West Virginia, Colarado, India, Germany and Holland.

Donations reached $300 which will be used to refurbish instruments and purchase essential supporting equipment for children aged 4-11.

Hannah Woolmer grew up in Thurrock and after studying violin at Gable Hall and has quickly gained success as a classical soloist.

After performing in British Orchestras and the release of her first commercial success she embarked on creating The Woolmer Philharmonic Orchestra in 2013.

In addition Hannah has gone on to release a classical album with concert pianist Daniel Roberts, performed throughout the UK and abroad and has gained an international following.

Since 2016, Hannah has taken time out of touring to devote her time to the orchestra in Thurrock and educational projects.