FORMING a new Basildon Council administration could stall unless Labour councillors decide to allow their Tory rivals to rule as a minority.

A rift between the Conservatives and Ukip means leader Phil Turner is unwilling to repeat last year’s offer of influential positions to the anti-Europe party.

Ukip opposition to major projects, such as the £30million plan to relocate Basildon Market and build a new South Essex College campus, has angered the Tories.

But Mr Turner faces being unable to approve appointments to his proposed Tory minority administration unless he can get a majority vote at tonight's full council meeting.

After Labour rejected the offer of a cabinet seat last year, Ukip took two cabinet positions as well as leadership of several council committees and the role of deputy mayor.

Mr Turner does not expect Labour to vote in favour of his administration, but has urged them not to oppose him in order to ensure a vote is passed.

He said: “This year I am not necessarily asking them to support me, but saying ‘will you not vote against me?’

“They don’t have to actively vote for it, but let me get on and form an administration for the residents.”

A minority administration would see all decisions made by the council settled on a vote-by-vote basis.

After this month’s elections, there are now 18 Tory, 11 Ukip, nine Labour, one Lib Dem and three independent councillors.

Gavin Callaghan, who was chosen as new Labour group leader this month, has already pledged to work with the Tories on a vote-by-vote basis.