WORK has begun on new beach huts on Shoebury’s East Beach.

The huts, made from recycled timber from Southend Pier, are being marketed for upwards of £20,000 for a seven-year lease.

They will have a green appearance, with their roofs being lined with small plants called sedum.

Shoebury councillor Roger Hadley, who first proposed the scheme, said: “It’s taken a couple of years to happen.

“When I was a kid, there were beach huts there. It will be great to get them back, especially as the stands are still there for them.

“It’s been a bit of a battle to get planning permission and get it off the ground, but work has finally started and it’s great.”

Steven Newman, valuation estate surveyor for Southend Council, said: “The green roofs are good material and a nice touch, in keeping with the green materials used to make the huts.”

Leases will be sold to owners on a seven-year basis through estate agent Haart. They are already looking for expressions of interest, with a minimum guide price of £20,000.

Fellow Shoebury councillor Mike Assenheim opposed the plans for the huts at first and remains sceptical. He said: “I did worry about them being in a secluded part of the beach and a target for vandals when they were proposed.

“I know they are being built out of material that won’t catch fire and they won’t cut off anyone’s access to the beach, so that is something.”

Work on the huts is due to be completed by the end of the month.