A FED-UP councillor has called for the “dreadful spate of fly-tipping” to be brought to an end once and for all.

Harwich town councillor Geoff Smith has been campaigning for the culprits to be held to account.

It comes after more rubbish was found dumped in Mill Lane, Dovercourt, which has been a hotspot along with Hordle Street.

The issue has also been prevalent in Bathside as a continuous stream of rubbish is dumped on the streets.

Mr Smith is now pushing to ensure the perpetrators can’t keep on getting away with it.

He said: “I am working closely with Tendring Council officers who are looking at a range of options.

“CCTV to catch these people has legal implications and it’s important things are done properly.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Some of the mess Geoff Smith spottedSome of the mess Geoff Smith spotted

“Everyone is keen to see this dreadful spate of fly-tipping brought to an end.

“It is as if this junction is being seen as an extension of the local tip and it needs to stop.

“It is a continuous problem and we really do need the help of residents to bring it to an end, I’m seeing similar problems in a number of alleyways in Bathside.”

Mr Smith often patrols the areas as he attempts to highlight the issue, and said hardly a day goes by without fly-tipped material being found across the hotspots.

He is now calling for residents to report any cases they witness to the council or directly to him.

He added: “This is not fair on the residents and it’s not fair on the council. If anyone sees it happening we would appreciate their help.

“I know fly-tipping is a big issue throughout our town but it’s a daily occurrence at these particular spots and it has to stop.”

A Tendring Council spokesman said reported fly-tipping would be visited by council officers as soon as possible.

He said: “We deplore any fly-tipping, which comes at a huge cost to both the public purse to clear up and to the communities who face it.”

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