TV hard man Danny Dyer has claimed that former Etonians shouldn’t run the country anymore as he took aim at the Conservative government over their handling of the pandemic.

Appearing on BBC Breakfast with his daughter Dani this morning, the EastEnders actor also said that the current lockdown rules were easy to break because they were so “confusing”.

Taking aim at the privately educated, he said: "My one rant would be that we must learn now that the people who went to Eton can't run this country.

"They’ve done it, they’ve tried to do it, this little, small group who all went to the same school, in the same class. It doesn’t work.”

He went on to say that what the country needs is working class people in charge.

“I feel we need some working class people, people that have lived a real life, people that are in touch with what’s going on in reality, to maybe come to the front now and get involved in how this country’s run,” he added. 

The actor's rant has sparked a class debate on social media, making it the most trending topic on Twitter this morning.

But what do you think?

Is he right, do the working classes need to be better represented in government or is his rant just as saturated in the class structures it appears to criticise.