A SOUL-SMOOTHING singer-songwriter with a penchant for storytelling has released a new single in a bid to ease anxieties during the coronavirus pandemic.

Amber Burgoyne, 22, from Colchester, is an acoustic guitar-wielding soloist whose fusion of soul, jazz and folk music has become her trademark.

Coupled with her heart-melting vocal, subtle saxophones, and a descriptive lyrical knack for in-depth tales, Amber’s creative output, musically or otherwise, is arguably not of this era.

The crackling and imperfect 12-inch vinyl in a stratosphere of digital downloads and streaming soundwaves, Amber bucks the trend.

Going against the grain of modern music’s slick and shiny edge, she favours a more nostalgic and flawed vibe, delivered with a laid-back coolness.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Picture: Tanny LeePicture: Tanny Lee

On her latest single, the low-fi Misty Blue, her approach is no different, and her beautiful-sounding, sonic concoction is as evident as ever.

The short, two-minute track filters through the noise and strolls through the hurricane chaos of the current world with a calming nonchalance.

Written and recorded on a mobile phone, and since the lockdown was put in place, the retro-sounding ditty plays out in the distance, acting as a musical interpretation of how far removed from normality we all currently are.

“I felt like writing a reminder of how I was feeling during lockdown and pulled together this heartfelt tune,” she said.

“Then I thought that it was relatable to many people and a message of positivity that could touch people in whatever way they would interpret the words.”

Throughout the single, which was mixed and mastered by DEJA VU and includes backing vocals from Jack Watton, intricate sounds of the external aspects of modern life can also be heard.

According to Amber, the subtle sounds of nature weren’t recorded by accident, and a conscience decision to include them in the final product was the plan for the start.

“We used natural sounds in the background because it is the simple beauty of the outside world that we have become so unfamiliar with since being in lockdown; sounds that are comforting and missed by everyone. I was looking out at an evening sky thinking of the small things I hope for.”

The track’s supporting materials have been produced by friends of Amber’s who are also from Colchester.

Misty Blue’s accompanying music video, for example, was produced by Lora Elizabeth Cornes, while the artwork for the single was created by Becca Adderson.

To watch the official music video for Misty Blue click here.

To find out more about Amber Burgoyne visit Facebook.com/amberburgoyne