Developers have submitted a planning application to build residential units on a business park.

CML Microsystems Plc and Aquila Developments have submitted an outline planning application to Maldon District Council for development at Oval Park, Hatfield Road, Langford.

The proposal is a 7,100 sq.m mixed use development of new employment spaces and 60 residential units as well as plots for subsequent development.

The 30 acre site brownfield site previously housed the Langford Waterworks before they were taken down and part of the site was redeveloped into business buildings for CML Microsystems in December 1999.

The site has been designated for employment use in the Maldon Local Plan for years but further development has been frustrated by a variety of viability considerations including high infrastructure costs.

Nigel Clark, Group Chairman & Financial Director of CML said: “It is highly frustrating that Oval Park has thus far failed to realise its full potential as the quality Business Park which the Council has always supported here.

“To address this situation CML have partnered with Aquila as experienced local developers and considerable thought has been given as to how best to unlock the potential of the site bearing in mind its lengthy planning history.”

Aquila have also recently completed the Blackwater Retail Park and Travelodge developments

Tony Chambers, Chairman of Aquila said: “We are delighted to work in a creative way with CML and are confident that the enabling development approach which we have proposed in our joint planning application is the best way forward.

“We believe that it will provide a significant economic boost to Maldon District bringing much needed new investment and up to 300 new high valued job opportunities and very much hope therefore that it will gain the support of both the local community and the District Council.”

CML Microsystems had originally planned to build 146 units at the site, but Maldon District Council refused planning permission in August 2012 and a planning inspector dismissed an appeal in July 2014.

They then put in a bid for a scaled-back application for the demolition of existing structures and construction of 45 units in August 2014.