PLANS for the new nuclear power station at Bradwell have now reached the final step before public consultation.

The Office for Nuclear Regulation announced yesterday (February 13) the start of Step 4 of the Generic Design Assessment for the UK HPR1000 nuclear technology for the Bradwell B project.

A more detailed assessment of the design of the reactor and of the supporting evidence provided by CGN will continue to be open to public comment.

During this phase the Environment Agency, joint UK nuclear regulator together with the ONR, will also undertake its own public consultation.

The Bradwell B project is in an early planning stage, which has so far involved several years of investigative works.

The project is currently preparing its initial proposals ahead of undertaking detailed public consultation with nearby communities.

Energy companies CGN and EDF submitted an application through their joint venture company General Nuclear System (GNSL) to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in October 2016 to begin the GDA process for a UK version of the HPR1000 nuclear technology.

Managing Director of GNSL, Zhu Minhong, said: “Moving into Step 4 of the GDA marks the culmination of several years of hard work and is a major milestone for both the UK HPR1000 and the Bradwell B project.

“It brings closer the deployment of a fleet of new power stations that will play a major role in supporting the Government’s target of net zero by 2050.”

CGN is the world’s biggest developer of new nuclear power stations and the third largest nuclear enterprise in the world, with five units currently under construction in China.

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