HOMELESS people can get hot drinks from two coffee shops in Dovercourt after a new charity has been set up.

Charles Townsend, 70, of West Street, Harwich, has started the Hot Drinks for the Homeless charity.

The idea behind the scheme involves homeless people going into participating cafés and getting a hot drink without having to pay for it, and instead the charity will pay the bill.

The White Coffee House, in Kingsway, and the Station Café, in Station Road, Dovercourt have agreed to participate.

Mr Townsend said: “With the charity, I will know the money will go for a hot drink, which is a relief for a homeless person, especially in the cold.”

“I would love to expend it eventually but, first of all, we need to do it on a small scale to see if it works without any problem.

“I’m hoping people will contribute in helping homeless people get hot drinks.”

Donations can be made via hotdrinksforthehomeless.org.