A man has been warned he is facing time behind bars after being convicted of two charges of causing grievous bodily harm.

Ryan Walsh, 20, of Churchill Road, Braintree, had denied the charges when he appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court last week.

He was found guilty by a jury last Thursday.

Walsh was charged with two counts of grievous bodily harm dating back to July 11, 2018.

An incident on Tabor Avenue, Braintree, left Grant Litton-Hayes with a fractured cheekbone and Matthew Pilgrim suffered a fractured skull.

The incident took place at about 10.40pm after a game of ‘slapsies’ among the group.

The court heard Walsh was knocked down by Mr Pilgrim during the game but couldn’t remember who hit him.

Walsh left the group but later returned in a confused state to find out what happened and asked to speak to Mr Pilgrim outside.

Mr Litton-Hayes followed the pair outside to Tabor Avenue where Mr Pilgrim said he didn’t want to fight.

Mr Litton-Hayes moved Mr Pilgrim out of the way before turning around to see Walsh in a fighting stance.

Mr Litton-Hayes was knocked to the ground with a punch to the cheek, the court heard.

Mr Pilgrim was also stuck and knocked to the ground, where he hit his head.

Witnesses described hearing a crack on the ground as he fell.

Mr Pilgrim had no recollection of the events and only remembered being asked for his mother’s number in hospital.

Walsh left the scene but was arrested the next day.

Judge David Turner warned the 20-year-old that “immediate custody is likely” at sentencing.

At the time of the incident Walsh was under a community penalty order, and he has four previous convictions of violence, the court heard.

The judge said: “The two victims suffered thoroughly unpleasant injuries. In Pilgrim’s case he could have died.

“The guidance suggests that immediate custody is suggested and is likely.”

Karina Arden, mitigating, said: “He has told me he has stopped drinking altogether.

“He asked his family not to come as he doesn’t want to add to his family distress.

“He currently lives with his parents and is working.

Judge Turner said: “I am going to adjourn sentencing for a pre-sentence report.

“Do not think Mr Walsh that by me taking this route you are off the hook, come prepared for sentencing.

“It is in your interest fully to co-operate.”

Walsh will be sentenced in the week beginning February 3.