A FAMILY living on a caravan site all-year-round were turfed out following an inspection, it has been revealed.

There have been long-term concerns about rules being broken across the six holiday parks in Mersea.

Licensing law means the caravans cannot be used as a permanent home and must be vacant for at least part of the year.

In a report to go before Colchester Council's licensing committee next week, it was revealed a family were evicted in July.

It said: "In relation to information received regarding the possibility of two families living on the sites in Mersea an audit inspection was carried out in July of all the sites.

"One family were found to be residing on a site.

"The site owners were informed and acted to evict the family and remove the caravan.

"Following this inspection, several caravans were randomly picked from all six sites to inspect in the months of January to March.

"As well as these inspections we have been in contact with Park Dean resorts and are currently reviewing their updated action plan for residential misuse.

"The site has also been allocated funds to install an ANPR system to their site in order to track vehicles specifically, during the winter months."

Families cannot live on sites permanently because they do not count as residents when it comes to figures for schools and health centres.

At the moment the caravan parks have permission for a total of more than 1,800 static units between them and space for 571 tourers.