AN election candidate who wanted to change his name to Mr Clacton Brexit has been told the moniker will not be allowed to appear on the ballot paper.

Andrew Morgan, 52, from Clacton, changed his name by deed poll to Andrew Morgan Clacton-Brexitparty in a bid to ensure 'Brexit' remained on the ticket.

He decided to stand after being left upset when Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage announced the party would not be standing in 317 Conservative-held seats - including in Clacton - at the General Election.

After being told the new name does not comply with election rules, Mr Morgan will stand under his original name as an independent

He said: “They have accepted my papers, but have said they don’t agree with my argument over the name.

“They are not going to allow it, so I’m going to stand as Andrew Morgan.

“With the law of deed poll if you don’t use the name – sending off a passport or driving licence – within three to six months then its not classes as you taking that name.

“It was a bit of a waste of time, but I’ve made a point.”

Ian Davidson, acting returning officer for the Clacton constituency, said legal advice had been taken in relation to the acceptance or otherwise of nominations for the upcoming General Election.

“Although empowered as I am as acting returning officer, I felt it prudent to seek independent legal advice before making any decision; that advice was clear and unequivocal, and underpins my decision,” he said.