A MOTORCYCLIST who suffered devastating injuries in a horror crash has received a seven figure payout.

Dad-of-six Tony Filbert, 39, was forced to give up his career and move house after sustaining severe wrist, knee and shoulder injuries in the 2016 smash.

Tony, who worked as a warehouse dispatch coordinator, had been riding through Dagenham after visiting his children when disaster struck.

A car pulled out of a side road straight into his path and it was impossible for him to stop in time.

He was taken to Royal London Hospital with a broken wrist, shattered bones in his hand, fractures to his leg, ligament tears in his knee and nerve damage in his shoulder.

He immediately underwent surgery on his right wrist and right leg before metal plates were inserted in his knee.

The stricken dad was a day from being discharged when it became apparent he still hadn’t regained feeling in one of his arms.

A specialist surgeon revealed he had suffered severe nerve damage and needed an immediate operation.

“It was then that it hit home that it was more than just broken bones,” said Tony, from Colchester.

Due to his wrist and hand injuries, he still struggles with basic tasks like eating and writing.

He has a constant burning sensation in his little finger and permanent pins and needles in his thumb.

Tony says he has been unable to return to the job he loves and is struggling to adapt to a life with disabilities.

He suffered a number of falls as he was struggling to walk up and down the stairs and had to move into a bungalow.

Tony hired Fletchers Solicitors to pursue a claim against the driver and was recently awarded more than £1 million.

The cash will be used to buy a new bungalow adapted to his needs.

Tony said: “I think the hardest part of the whole experience has been not being able to work.

“Initially, I was adamant I would go back, and my employers were understanding and kept my job open for me.

"However, as time went on it became clear that they wouldn’t be able to make the necessary adaptations for me.”